4 Effective Ways to Keep Visitors on Your Website

Attracting people to your website isn’t enough if you want to really push your business forward. What you need is to make them interested in it so that they stick around and subscribe to your updates or at least bookmark the page.

Offering interesting content and having a beautiful website design will go a long way in making the visitors stay on your pages. However, there are more ways to increase the efficiency of your site that you definitely need to use:

1. Ensure the highest loading speed possible

Internet users today consider three seconds to be too much of a loading time, so if your page needs this long to appear, you will be losing potential customers. Optimise your website using every possible solution in order to increase the speed without losing its appeal. Remember that videos and high-resolution images take longer to use, but they are necessary as visual content offers best returns. Try to find the perfect balance of speed and quality, and optimize this type of content for mobiles considering that many people use relatively slow 3G connections.

2. Personalize the user’s experience

If you run an eCommerce website, you need to include a top-quality Search and Suggestions features that will help your customers find the products they are interested in fast. Any type of personalization you can integrate into your website will be a great addition as it will enhance the user experience and boost their affection for your brand.

3. Make sure every piece of your website is made by professionals

Although there are many DIY website building platforms, the pages created with them will never look as good as the ones designed by pros. Nowadays, a website is more important than an actual office, because more consumers find you online. To make the best impression on them, you need to make sure that it’s not only the pages’ design that looks professional, the content must also be of the highest quality. When you post visuals, use top-quality images and videos from specialized photographers or free databases.

4. Develop a unique layout

The ease of navigation is another important factor that affects the user’s experience of your website. You should make your page look interesting and original, so that it doesn’t look like a cookie-cutter copy of a standard design, but don’t make it too extravagant so that people can find their way around with ease. Always have your website A/B tested to see which scheme works best.