Tools for Long-Term Website Success

Once you’ve got your website looking like a straight ten, all the design and development elements aligning to provide your brand with the perfect online storefront, what’s next? There is numerous strategic digital marketing avenues that you can implement in order to drive audience growth, conversion, and ultimately profit. In today’s post we will explore these options, providing you with valuable insights into which of these channels will best suit your business, and exactly what they entail.
Disclaimer: This one is more of a necessity than a strategy, and one we know most of you have heard about before. In fact, for some, the topic of mobile-capability and its importance probably feels much like being hit over the head with a club. Alas, some people still don’t get it. It doesn’t matter how much we tell them more traffic comes from mobile than any other device, or that users are more likely to purchase from a site with mobile-capability than one without – they just won’t listen. Don’t be that guy, invest in mobile-capability and your digital efforts will proper. It’s seriously that simple.
Search Engine Optimization
Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of optimizing your website with carefully selected keywords and phrases in an effort to improve your website’s search engine ranking. Why should you invest in SEO? Because the higher your website’s ranking is the more targeted traffic your brand will receive, and the more chances for conversion it will yield.
Links from authoritative sites
Links back to your website’s internal pages from authoritative sites, by extension, projects for your brand an image of authority. This can be achieved by the production of quality content like info graphics, blog posts, statistics and reports. If you develop a reputation for producing valuable content that big names trust, users will look to your brand as reputable business.
Social Media
The relentless force that is social media shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. Brands that are already utilizing social platforms are reaping the benefits, and those who haven’t should seriously consider following suit. Social media opens your business up to a huge opportunity for likes, shares, and ultimately, audience growth. Exposing your business to new demographics and proving an invaluable tool for customer engagement.
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